Bloom Gin Review

bloom gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Chamomile & Citrus

Bloom Gin is another premium London Dry Gin available on the market, interestingly this particular gin is quite different from other London Dry Gin's as Bloom incorporates the botanicals of chamomile, honeysuckle and coriander which create a light and floral tasting gin. Throughout this Bloom Gin review we let you know if it is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Bloom Gin price on Amazon UK!

bloom gin

Nose ??

On the nose there is a lack of juniper, however mild floral and citrus notes can be found


Smooth and delicate where light citrus and floral notes are present

Finish ?

A long dry finish accompanied by peppery notes

Tasting Notes

😛4.6/5 - A Floral Avalanche!

This gin is definitely on the lighter side as the juniper is very faint (almost non-existent) however the angelica root and black pepper botanicals create a slightly bitter and earthy taste where hints of pepper can be noticed. 

Floral notes of chamomile, coriander and honeysuckle are then smashed in creating a smooth floral delight where citrus elements become revealed.

Overall we found the lack of juniper to be great as the floral and citrus elements tasted lovely, if you're new to the gin scene this gin is perfect as you wont be hit with juniper. 

Gin and Tonic

When mixing lighter gins in a G&T it becomes a problem as the light flavour will be further diminished by the tonic.

When this gin is mixed in a G&T the floral and citrus notes are quite amplified however the juniper was somewhat absent. 

We recommend this gin in a summer G&T drink as the floral and citrus flavours will create a refreshing sweet taste. 


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Honeysuckle 
  • Black pepper
  • Chamomile
  • Grapefruit
  • Coriander


bloom botanicals

Where to purchase?

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Bloom offer these recipes to go with your gin cocktails and concoctions.

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History of Bloom Gin

The makers of Bloom Gin started their operation in 1761 in Cheshire and throughout that time to the present, only a handful of master distillers have been able to work at the distillery. Joanne Moore is the current master and in the gin industry she is a respected expert internationally. Since 1996 she has been working at the distillery and it was only until 2006 that she was appointed a master.

The master oversees the gin making process and that is from conceptualization right through to creation. To be a master definitely you have to be innovative in coming up with new blends and creations and the same can be said of Joanne Moore. In fact it was her attitude to innovation that resulted in the crafting of BLOOM Gin through an unexpected blend. That was in 2009 and since then Bloom Gin has been crafted at G&J DISTILLERS in Warrington, UK.


The revamped bottle of Bloom Gin was unveiled in 2016 in celebration of Joanne Moore’s 10 years at her role as the master distiller.

The colored glass since the launch of the Bloom Gin remains the same and of course with embossing that was solely inspired by English country garden. There is also the incorporation of the 1761 date when the maker of Gin Boom started distilling.

There are also new front and back labels apart from the new feature of the images of the Bloom Gin’s 3 key botanicals. Overall, the design of the Bloom Gin bottle can only be described to be great, sophisticated and stylish, able to capture the inspiration of what is inside.

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