Blue Bottle Gin Review

blue bottle gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country


? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Cubeb Pepper & Nutmeg

Do you like spices? How about... heaps of spices? Then this gin might be for you! 

Blue Bottle Gin is a refined drink that has been researched and developed for many years before its release. Blue Bottle sources its botanicals locally from Guernsey and is produced at the Three Fingers Distillery. 

Throughout this Blue Bottle Gin review we will assess the drink and let you know if this drink is worth the purchase or not. In a hurry? Check Blue Bottle Gin price on Amazon UK!

blue bottle gin

Nose ??

On the nose you are first hit with the juniper which is then followed by spicy notes of cinnamon and chocolate


Warm & soothing rich palate where the gorse flowers botanical takes lead and hints of nutmeg and cubeb pepper flavours are followed

Finish ?

A lingering finish that is both spicy & sweet 

Tasting Notes

😋4/5 - A spicy warm rich gin!

The floral botanicals and spices create a delicate sweetness that is ultimately finished with clean juniper. The spices play a major role in this gin as the cubeb peppers and nutmeg offer a spicy led taste however it is excellently balanced by the citrus notes, leaving the gin to have a great depth of flavour.

Overall the gin is quite spicy and may be a tad too intense or strong for some people however when this gin is in a G&T that changes.

Gin and Tonic

When tasting this gin in a G&T we used the Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic. The tonic worked well for this gin as it toned down the spices and lightened the drinking experience.

Depending on how you mix the gin you may be able to tone down the intense spicy notes. 

We tried garnishing with lemon, orange and rosemary and each garnish was great as it added an extra sweet flavour making the G&T refreshing.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper berries
  • Nutmeg
  • Gorse flowers
  • Cubeb pepper​.
blue bottle botanicals

Where to purchase?

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History of Blue Bottle

The founder of the Blue bottle Gin is Matt Polli, born and brought up on the island of Guernsey. However he spent most of his time in Spain which taught him all about the gin industry, after he was done with his education he thought of choosing a job as an academic. However he went to Australia and found his true passion and started to work in a liquor company developing alcoholic beverages and beer. 

A year or two later when he won awards for excellent and outstanding beer, he came back to his first idea of gin and established a small batch distillery. This was his dream project and obviously the long-lost ambition he had, his main motive was to make a gin that he considered to be perfect in all aspects.


As a famously known gin, it has a very unique designed bottle used for the product packaging. The bottle is of blue glass and has the company’s logo, the makeup of the bottle is simple yet very appealing and hard for people to resist purchasing and drinking the product. 

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