Boodles Mulberry Gin Review

Boodles Mulberry gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Mulberries & Spicy Juniper

You probably never heard much of ‘mulberries’ before, interestingly mulberries are quite similar to blueberries. Mulberries grow on trees rather than bushes and taste almost like a raspberry and blueberry put together. In this review we find out if the Boodles Mulberry gin is a good purchase. In a hurry? Check Boodles Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

This gin will certainly tickle your nose in a good way, you can smell the mulberries mixed with the sweetened raspberries giving this gin an overall fruity aroma


Spicy, Warm, Sweet punch of Raspberries

Finish ?

Warm, Smooth, and quite Fruity

Tasting Notes

😋4.8/5 - Smoooth Taste!

Well the overall taste is just great, the standard gin bitterness mixed with juniper and the mulberries provide this gin with a neat fruity taste, almost similar but better than cranberry juice.

Just like a Sloe gin, you can also taste the spice from the base, however the mulberries add a different drinking experience that you will not get from any other gin.

If you like the smooth type of gin you may also like Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb or Edinburgh Raspberry Gin which is frequently bought with Boodles.

Gin and Tonic

There are many ways to enjoy the taste of this gin, our personal preference is to drink the gin over ice with the addition of orange and if you want you could add a pinch of nutmeg.

Due to the gin being quite strong we recommend to drink this product with a tonic like Fever Tree or Schweppes Indian Tonic Water, this will allow the flavour of the gin to emerge intact.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Nutmeg
  • Rosemary
  • Juniper berries
  • Caraway seed 
  • Angelica root


boodles bonticals

Where to purchase?

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Boodles offer these recipes to go with your gin cocktails and concoctions.

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Proper Punch

Mulberry Fizz

Blood Hound

Boodles Royale

History of Boodles

This gin was released in 2015, it is the first ever Mulberry gin in America. Boodles crafted this gin in tribute to the mulberry tree which has had natural and familiar presence in the British landscape. This product was inspired by the traditional Sloe gin and this gin is a new and improved version of this classic. 

This product serves as liqueur which can be sipped at both cold days and warm days. The taste is a blend of natural ingredients that combines mulberries with hints of raspberries to create a sweet and everlasting taste. This liqueur can be served with the original Boodles British Gin which utilizes all the rosemary, sage and nutmeg, creating the best possible flavor whilst also maintaining excellent balance.

This company was originally founded in 1762 and named after the Boodles gentlemen club in St. James’s London. Boodles was created in 1845 and became one of the modern pioneers in the liqueur industry to create the flavour of the modern day London Dry gin.

Boodles products were originally produced and first bottled in the United States in 2001, the company was then bought by Proximo Spirits of New Jersey. In 2013, Boodles was released in England with a new angular bottle and alcoholic strength of 80. Boodles was never purchasable in England only in the United States and Japan before 2013.

Interestingly there has been many famous members of the Boodle’s gentlemen club, these include: Ian Fleming (James Bond Author) and former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Churchill loved to drink gin and Boodles just may have been his favourite company!

Boodles is known and recognized for their lingering juniper flavour and floral taste. Once again Boodles is the only company to include nutmeg and sage in their drinks. Boodles is also the only company to contain ingredients that do not feature citrus.


Starting off with the bottle design it looks very similar to their standard Boodle Gin, the difference with this bottle is that it incorporates a purple peacock pattern around the label on bottle making it look different and honestly quite appealing!

The build quality of the bottle is excellent overall, it has a very interesting angular design that is accompanied by a sturdy and strong exterior material. If you’re drinking too much don’t worry about breaking the bottle (just don’t drink too much).

I hope you have enjoyed this Boodles review, check out another one of our reviews on the award winning Brooklyn gin here.