Brooklyn Gin Review

Brooklyn gin

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United States

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Lime, Orange & Lavender

Contrary to the gin’s name this Brooklyn gin is not distilled in Brooklyn it is actually handcrafted in small batches in New York. Throughout this Brooklyn gin review we tell you if this drink is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Brooklyn Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

The first thing you will notice is the strong aroma of the citrus, the strength of the citrus isn’t too overwhelming which is a nice touch. When pouring this gin over ice you can suddenly smell a faint of lavender and zesty lime, overall the ice amplifies the citrus scent.


Sour Citrus, Sweet Lemon Zest with Piney Juniper

Finish ?

Smooth and finished by a hint of lavender

Tasting Notes

🤤4.2/5 - Sweet & Sour!

Yes, you will taste the heavy citrus in this drink however the gin has a nice smooth initial taste where you are able to taste the juniper berries, lavender and celery. The aftertaste is also quite nice as you can taste the bitter piney juniper and black pepper.

Overall this gin is clean and features a strong zesty citrus that is empowered by the apparent juniper flavour, the only downside is that it may be a bit too bitter for some people.

The best garnish for this gin would have to be a wedge of lime or orange and pink grapefruit, these garnishes work well with this citrus type gin as these fruits taste great together.

Gin and Tonic

We used the Fever Tree Tonic with this gin and it tasted great just don’t add a tonic that overruns the flavour of this gin. When adding the tonic to this drink the juniper flavour becomes more apparent and when paired with orange candy slices it tastes gooey and bubbly….trust me you will not put this bottle down.

If you like the smooth gin type you may also like Eden Mill Love Gin which is frequently bought with Brooklyn.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Angelica, coriander, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, key lime, kumquat, orange and orris root.


brooklyn botanicals

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History of Brooklyn Gin

Brooklyn has been purchasable since 2010, this particular gin has won numerous national and international spirit competition awards for ‘excellent’ quality.

The drink is created using 100% fresh citrus that is hand cut, the benefit of this tedious process is that it allows the essential oils in the juniper to be extracted which creates an improved citrus taste compared to other distillers in the market that use frozen citrus.

Brooklyn was first created in 2010 by friends Joe Santos and Emil Jättne. Interestingly this company does not have their own distillery instead they utilise the distillery in Warwick Valley Winery in New York.


Due to the company doing everything by hand their gin is not mass produced. It takes 3 days to produce a total of 300 gins, the owners suggest that the extra time and effort makes the drink taste better.

This company got their start during the American financial crisis, they didn’t have the resources to obtain their own distillery and found a person that helped bring their small-scale gin production dream into reality. This companies ultimate goal is to own their own distillery in Brooklyn and we can see that happening sometime soon!


The exterior bottle material is really sturdy and to be honest the bottle is quite heavy. The quality of the bottle is impeccable and the glass makes the bottle look like an expensive vintage drink.

This bottle also includes a bronze looking circle in the middle showing off the logo of the company which adds to the exterior feel to the bottle. Overall, this bottle is an actual weapon that is strong, sturdy and looks outstanding.

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