Fifty Pounds Gin Review

Fifty Pounds Gin

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

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? Main Flavour

Lime, Lemon & Sage

If you’re wondering, this gin does not cost £50….Hooray! Interestingly the bottle is named ‘Fifty Pounds’ as the legislation ‘The Gin Act 1736’ imposed an annual £50 levy on people who traded, produced and sold gin. Thank goodness that levy doesn’t exist anymore because it would be too darn expensive! The gin costs much less than its name and the quality you receive from this gin is very surprising, this Fifty Pound Gin review will highlight whether or not this gin is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Fifty Pounds Gin price on Amazon UK!

fifty pound bottle

Nose ??

On the nose you can identify a clean and strong citrus which is accompanied by lime/lemon that has a hint of sweetness. You can also pinpoint a buttery lemon flavour which is quite similar to the Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle gin


Sweet citrus followed by sage and lavender

Finish ?

Smooth spicy finish enhanced by the anise

Tasting Notes

🤪4/5 - Sweet & Spicy!

When tasting the gin you will first be hit with the piney juniper which is then followed by traces of lime and lemon. This initial sip is somewhat sweet, however once the palate is finished by the angelica root and coriander the gin transforms into a classic gin as it incorporates a long spicy finish.

Overall the palate is clean and smooth as each botanical is balanced nicely, the finish is very warming as the spicy citrus and anise produce an added layer of herbal complexity ensuring the gin packs a punch near the finishing taste.

Gin and Tonic

When tasting the gin in a G&T we used the Fever Tree Light Tonic and the gin tasted even sweeter. The G&T exposes and emphasizes the sweetness of the 50 Pounds Gin, notably the juniper and lime are infused the most.

Although both botanicals are infused it doesn’t increase the strength of the sweetness, if anything it balances it out further making your gin experience refreshing and juicy. 


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Juniper berries, coriander seeds, orange & lemon peel, angelica root, savory, liquorice powder, lemon, lime and grains of paradise.

fifty pound botanicals

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Fifty Pounds Gin & Tonic

History of Fifty Pounds

When the importation of alcohol was banned in England by William of Orange the production and consumption of gin was rapidly growing. Due to the rapid consumption many distillers were producing immense amounts of gin to keep up with the level of consumption, the problem was that many of these distillers were producing bad quality gins.

The popularity of the gin was most prevalent amongst poor people in England, interestingly 1 in 5 homes in London bought gin. This excessive consumption and growth were leading to a deterioration in society, the solution to fix this gin craze was to impose an annual levy on gin.


The gin levy is called the Gin Act of 1736 and was enacted to cease the gin consumption by imposing an annual levy of £50 pounds to people who share, produce and sell gin. Only two distillers in 6 years decided to pay this annual levy, one of these distillers being 50 Pounds Gin(hence where their company name came from).

Nowadays the gin is manufactured by John Dore & Co Limited, the botanicals featured in the gin come from different continents and are even planted by them ensuring the botanicals are of the highest quality.


The bottle design is inspired and based on the original first gin bottles that were ever created, when taking this into account the look of the bottle has a great re-imagined design that looks good when compared to other modern-day gin bottles, interestingly the one detail that separates this bottle from other companies bottles is that it includes the number and year the particular bottle was produced, this is an amazing touch for bottle collectors and hoarders.

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