Givinity Gin Review

givinity gin review

Key Gin Information

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United Kingdom

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If you are looking for a countryside gin that is perfectly handcrafted and luxurious in its taste and still have that verdant countryside aroma to it, then you better try the Givinity Gin. This Givinity Gin review will provide you with all the details of this captivating drink so that you can easily decide whether to add this gin to your private collection or recommend to another gin lover friend of yours. In a hurry? Check Givinity Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

Open the Givinity and you’ll be instantly hit with an unusual light juniper and violet raspberry that is gently followed by a mild citrus perfume. Overall the Givinity is gentle on the nose.


The Givinity Gin comes with a smooth palate adorned with a tantalizing dash of silk fruit.

Finish ?

Provides a dry finish with light dry creaminess.

Tasting Notes

😋4/5 - A silky & smooth creamy gin!

Givinity definitely packs a punch as it is finely made using some of the finest ingredients that have been carefully selected from some of the exotic parts of the world. The botanical flavours of the grated tangerine and Sichuan pepper add a bold flavour that is very unusual to a London countryside gin. 

This gin on the palate isn’t sweet like a fruity gin as the raspberry flavour is quite subtle however it brings a distinct silky texture that offers a creamy like finish. Overall Givinity brings an exciting and a glamorous taste that is captivating.

Gin and Tonic

The Givinity makes a decent G&T as sipping the luxurious drink welcomes you with a mandarin taste and within seconds a tang of peppery dash starts to refresh you slowly.

The botanical mix starts to take effect and you feel the floral perfume of rose petals and that light juniper to caress your taste buds for some time before a slight bitterly raspberry wins over everything.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

 Raspberries, angelica root, coriander, light juniper, almonds, Sichuan pepper, lime rind, grated tangerine and rose petals


givinity botanicals

Where to purchase?

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History of Givinity Gin

The Givinity Gin is distilled at the beautiful countryside English Spirit Distillery in Cambridgeshire and the distillery is known to have produced some of the finest gin brands in the world. The recipe for this ultra-luxurious dry gin dates back over 100 years and it is still being kept secret by their Master Distiller. The Givinity Gin was launched in 2015 by English Spirit Co. with the aim of preserving the luxurious London Gin appeal among the Gin lovers of the country. The English Spirit Distillery is also considered to be one of the oldest distilleries in the country.


The luxury London gin is presented in an exquisite bottle that is printed with 11-carat gold. The stunning bottle design definitely doubles up also a gift for the Gin connoisseurs. The cognac decanter style bottle adds to the glamour and style to your liquor cabinet for sure. The Givinity oozes luxury that it could be reserved for that very special occasion of yours.

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