Greenalls Wild Berry Gin Review

Greenalls wild berry gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Blackberry & Raspberry

Want an inexpensive gin that packs a punch? Want to give a gift to a gin lover? Look no further because Greenalls Wild Berry gin is a great inexpensive drink that incorporates blackberry and raspberry flavours into one gin! Throughout this Wild Berry gin review we tell you if this drink is worth purchasing or not. In a hurry? Check Greenalls Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

With this gin you will be instantly hit with a fruity sensation, this sensation is a mixture of blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry mixed together. The aroma isn’t too strong and all flavours are balanced where one flavour is not stronger than the others.


Sweet mixture of berries, Hint of piney juniper with spicy blackpepper

Finish ?

Complex, Spicy and Warm

Tasting Notes

😛4/5 - Complex & Fruity!

Greenalls gin has a rather mellow taste that is balanced out by the sweetness of the raspberry and blackcurrant fruit. This fruity taste is also accompanied by a piney juniper that is infused with black peppers and warm spices.

I originally expected this gin to taste too fruity for my liking, however it was quite the opposite. The aftertaste you experience is quite light as the ‘wild berries’ are really not too strong at all. 

Overall, the aftertaste tastes fine as you can still savour the sweet raspberry and cracked black pepper. For a gin that incorporates a complex fruity flavour at a cheap price it’s definitely worth a drink! (Just don’t drink too much).

If you like the smooth gin type you may also like Rose d'Argent Strawberry Gin ​orJ.J Whitley Elderflower gin which is frequently bought with Greenalls.

Gin and Tonic

Greenalls Wild Berry gin makes a perfect G&T, this particular gin can also be served in a punchbowl or served as a cocktail. When mixing the wild berry gin in a tonic we tried it as a sipping gin over ice. In our opinion this gin tastes better chilled or cold as the fruity flavours provided a nice chilling experience making it perfect for a hot day.

You can also utilise this gin for the winter as the black peppers and spices provide a tasty warm base.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Blackberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Raspberry
  • Juniper Berries 
  • Lemon
  • Angelica.
Greenall Botanicals

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Greenalls offer these recipes to go with your gin cocktails and concoctions.

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Lemonade or Tonic

Wild Berry & Flora

History of Greenall

In September 2014 Greenall announced the production of two brand new gin extensions in over 250 years, these two gins are Wild Berry gin and Greenall’s Sloe gin. The inspiration behind this gin came from the English blackberry growing shrubberies.

The Wild Berry gin is not softened and soaked as Greenall intend to extract the rich berries post distillation. Interestingly, Greenall adds a stronger tone of berries to the final liquid ensuring the sweetness of the fruit is balanced and works perfectly well in a tonic.

This company was first created by Thomas Dakin in 1761. Their brewery was first located at St Helens Merseyside until relocation took place in 1787 where it was moved to Warrington making it one of the UK’s oldest gin distilleries.

Each batch of Greenall’s gin is handcrafted with fresh citrus, fruits and infused juniper. Each botanical featured in their drinks are hand picked from across the world ensuring each bottle is of the highest quality.


The design of Greenalls bottle is clean and very sleek, this bottle is almost identical to their London dry gin except the wild berry gin has a pink colour way to symbolise the raspberry and fruity colours the bottle contains.

Interestingly this design was created to mark a new era in Greenalls history to celebrate its rich heritage and quality. The bottle is inspired from Greenalls original gins in the 1970’s and still features the same design from the 1700s.

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