House of Elrick Gin Review

house of elrick gin review

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House of Elrick an artisan gin has a very interesting distillery and manufacturing process as the gin is distilled at a 17th-century mansion in Aberdeen shire. The company claims to have ultimate control over the flavour and end taste as they hand distil this gin in batches of 600 bottles. Within this House of Elrick review we put the company’s claims to the test and see if this gin has what it…tastes. In a hurry? Check House of Elrick Gin price on Amazon UK!

House of Elrick

Nose ??

Do you want to leave your nose in the glass? Well…This gin might make you do that as the immediate trace of the gin presents an array of botanical delights. When assessing the aroma you will notice the citrus and rose petals grouping together to form a fresh fruity aroma leaving your nose wet. Overall, the aroma this gin produces is top class as it provides a bold infusion and balance of botanicals.


Sweet citrus and rose petals accompanied by an earthy profile

Finish ?

A smooth complex floral finish 

Tasting Notes

😋4.8/5 - A Premium Tasting Experience

Starting off the House of Elrick claim to have added premium fresh water into the gin from the famous Loch Ness deep-water loch in the Scottish highlands. When tasting the gin you will immediately notice a tonic like flavour, this flavour tastes fresh and almost resembles an earthy like taste. The flavour is balanced by the sweet citrus and rose petals which ultimately creates a natural tasting earthy palate.

Overall the mixtures of the botanicals and water in this gin provide a refreshing experience, this is a premium taste that is crafted exquisitely. This gin is relatively inexpensive for the unique quality you will experience. Now.....The tasting was a pleasure.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Heather, rose petals, pink peppercorns, fennel, juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel.

These botanicals are handpicked by the House of Elrick ensuring the product is of the best quality.


House of Elrick Botanicals

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History of House of Elrick

House of Elrick gin was released in November 2016 and created by Stuart Ingram, the product has been crafted around the Aberdeen culture and rich history of the Erlick’s household. Currently, the gin is created in small batches to ensure each bottle is of the highest quality. House of Erlick is the only artisan company that uses fresh Loch Ness water and dried petal roses, in the future the company is seeking to build their own distillery and restaurant at their estate. 


The design of the bottle is unique when compared to other gin bottles that feature glass with a sticker slapped on it. When looking at the bottle you can tell that there has been an immense amount of work put into the design, the Pasha bottle is finished with a matte/glossy blue that features a striking silver text and logo of the company. This bottle features premium materials making it one of the better looking and luxurious gin design bottles on the current market.

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