How to Make the Best Gin & Tonic - [Infographic] 

Are you new to the gin scene and cant seem to balance the right botanicals and garnishes?

Well...the infographic down below will help you step by step. 

Firstly the infographic shows a finished gin beverage with ice, twist garnishes and botanicals inside a baloon glass, this demonstrates the type of look you want your gin & tonic to be (change it up as much as you want!).

Secondly the infographic states how many parts of tonic and gin are added together, find your own balance depending on the gin and tonic you have chosen, use the infographic as a starting point.  

Thirdly you need to choose the type of glass that your gin and tonic will be in, the infographic shows coloured circles that represent what type of glass is perfect for the type of G&T you are creating. For example, if we're going to be creating a G&T where we're going to be focusing on the capacity of liquid in the glass we will choose the balloon glass as the circled chart states the balloon glass is the best for capacity. 

For the next step you may choose any type of ice for your G&T, the infographic states 3 types of ice types; homemade, supermarket and ice premium. If you're not to serious about the G&T you're creating we recommend to choose homemade. If you want to take your G&T water cooling to the next level we recommend for you to choose supermarket ice. Are you a bartender? Need to impress some friends? That's when we recommend for you to use premium ice, however depending on your mood and budget homemade ice is always great. 

Next you will now need to choose the type of fruit twist you want to garnish your G&T with, we have listed 3 options; lemon, lime and orange. To create the twist with the fruit you will need to pick up a piece of citrus peels by the ends and twisting on itself. 

Lastly, you may choose these spices, fruits and flowers that are generally used in a G&T. Experiment by trying different spices and fruits, you'll never know what amazing taste you can discover! 

Thank you for reading this infographic guide on how to make the best gin & tonic, if you're a newbie or even experienced this guide can help anyone. Feel free to check out even more gin reviews and guides. 

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