Jawbox Gin Review

jawbox gin review

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Citrus, Pine & Juniper

Jawbox Gin claim to be the first estate gin in Ireland, where the main grain is created in the Echlinville Estate. The only problem is that the wheat, water and grains are grown onsite whereas the other main botanicals are grown elsewhere, so can Jawbox Gin claim to be the first gin estate in Ireland?

Regardless, the gin tasted great and throughout this Jawbox Gin review we will tell you if this gin is worth a purchase. In a hurry? Check Jawbox Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

The Jawbox gin is quite gentle to the nose giving the cardamom aroma jumping out to the fore. It also brings in with it a slightly curried up spice that is a bit fierce in nature


Peppery almost spicy balanced with the Angelica's rootiness

Finish ?

A Fresh lingering citrus accompanied by juniper and pine

Tasting Notes

😋 4.8/5 - An exciting spicy & citrus combo!

The Jawbox Gin comes in the mouth with a classic feel of the lemon peel and the coriander seeds, the spicy combination of the citrus gives it some bit of a unique taste with the cubebs and the cardamom spices balancing the juniper in it.

The licorices in the gin add up sweetness to the flavor and also a viscous on board mouthfeel. Still, the juniper-forward drink has a waxy and resinous taste and finishes along with a savoury feel.

The flavors are quite balanced and well mixed and also taste smooth and sippable when sipped neat.

Gin and Tonic

Most preferably the spring of rosemary best compliments its juniper and all the herbal qualities it possesses.

Also, you can try out other tonics as well that best goes with the Dry tones of the Gin like lemon peel or any other citrus centered tonic.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Cassia Quills, Angelica Root, Black Mountain Heather, Lemon Peel, Cardamon, Liqourice Root, Grains of Paradise, Orris Root, Cubebs

jawbox botanicals

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Jawbox offer these recipes to go with your gin cocktails and concoctions.

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Jawbox Ginger Ale

History of Jawbox

Jawbox is a classic dry gin made out in the lands of Ards Peninsula near the Belfast Ireland. The grain for the production of the gin is grown itself by the manufacturers in the three hundred acre property of the Echlinville Estate.

The gin is distilled in the copper pot stills over three times and is created to give it the dry finish it is known for, the distillery was opened back in 2014 and since then they started the production of the gin and was probably the first to have been given a valid license for the making of gin in North Ireland in almost one hundred and thirty years.

The Jawbox Gin took over three years to come to the market and is made up of a total of eleven botanicals in all to give it the right taste and finish it is known for, it is entirely made on the site from the Echinville Estate.


The glass bottle is clear with a label showing name and ingredients contained in the bottle and it’s capped and sealed with the company’s seal, the bottle is simple but quite attractive and appealing in design and sure to impress.

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