Larios 12 Gin Review

larios 12 gin review

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Larios 12 is a premium gin from Spain, the 12 represents the number of botanicals this gin contains. The gin is distilled 5 times where the final distillation distills the orange blossom botanical to ensure the gin tastes exotic. 

Larios 12 has been one of the best selling and popular gin in Spain for many years, proof of the popularity is shown when tourists and expats return from Spain bring back there fair share of this popular gin. Throughout this Larios 12 review we will show you if this exotic gin is worth the purchase. In a hurry? Check Larios 12 Gin price on Amazon UK!

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Nose ??

On the nose fresh juniper and a delicate citrus flavour are apparent


The palate is quite sharp but then it shifts to a spicy silky taste that is crisp and refreshing

Finish ?

A lingering finish that is slightly sweet that is followed by a floral of herbal & spicy flavours

Tasting Notes

😛 4/5 - Sharp & Crisp Taste!

Just like the aroma the taste of the gin is sweet as the citrus dominates the taste however it is balanced well by the orange blossoms. The orange is blended well with the juniper and creates a silky and smooth palate. 

The coriander and nutmeg are quite hidden in this gin as the flavour is predominately dominated by the citrus, sometimes you will taste little hints of these spices and it creates a warm and sweet spicy finish.

Gin and Tonic

The Fever Tree Preimum Indian Tonic water is the best to mix with the Larios 12 Gin as it converts it into a luscious drink with a taste of a sweet orange. Still, the mixture is somewhat mild and also holds a little marmalade bitterness.

The G&T lacks a certain character and since the gin is very inexpensive it makes a fair deal after all.The gin is a perfect choice for people who have a liking level for heavy citrus gins with its juniper profile laying in the background.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Wild juniper, nutmeg, coriander, orange, angelica root, tangerine, grapefruit, lime, orange blossom, mandarin, clementine and Mediterranean lemon.

larios 12 botanicals

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Perfect Serve

History of Larios

The Larios 12 Gin is the most popular and highly sold gin in Spain dominating all the others in the market, it is basically juniper led and much older of a gin than all the others available.

Approximately two hundred years ago, Charles Lamothe, a French wine entrepreneur along with his associate started the production of brandy and wine at their distilleries and started to gain reputation and respect from that.

The success of this business caught the eyes of the Larios family and they started to involve themselves in the distillation business in 1863. Starting off from the cane processing they started to get into the production as well and acquired the Lamothe Company in 1916.

The name of the company was then changed to Larios & Cia, later on, to be known as the Larios Dry Gin in 1932. Until 1980 the company didn’t reach its current popularity and was working on a local level trying to earn the glory for the company.

The innovation of the products and tasks led to its rise making it one of the best gin companies in the world and establishing its present status.

It still is the biggest and highest selling Gin in continental Europe. Also, it has made its place in the top 10 best selling gins in international markets.


The bottle is particularly made to possess an appealing approach towards the customers, but it is nothing exciting but a plain simple glass bottle with a metal screw cap and a label of the company over it and its not able to represent the richness of the content. It is made of glass of course and gives a crystal clear view of the contents inside the bottle, it can be well said that the design of the bottle does not do any justice to the gin itself.

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