Poli Marconi 46 Gin Review

marconi 46 gin review

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Marconi 46 is an Italian gin that uses an interesting vacuum distillation process that is meant to provide the gin with an intense, pure and herbal taste. Does the Marconi's special distillation process actually make the gin taste better? Throughout this Marconi 46 gin review we let you know if its worth tasting. In a hurry? Check Marconi Gin price Now on Amazon

marconi 46 gin

Nose ??

An elegant and fresh mellow juniper aroma can be nosed


A strong and intense palate where the musky pine notes come alive

Finish ?

A spicy and minty finish accompanied by a creamy texture

Tasting Notes

🤩 4.3/5 - Intense & Invigorating

The real centerpiece of this gin is the pine, the pine provides a fresh and intense aroma invigorating the juniper. If anything the aroma is so good it feels like you’re in a pine forest.

The palate starts off quite fruity with notes of grapes, cardamom and coriander coming in early. Mid-palate is where the gin shines as the pine creates a floral landslide producing a strong and intense musky taste, which is finished off beautifully with a minty creamy texture accompanied by notes of citrus and juniper.

Overall the piney elements taste amazing and it’s a gin that you should try in the future, we also find this gin to work quite well in a G&T and a Martini.

Gin and Tonic

We tasted the Marconi 46 Gin in a G&T using Schweppes Indian Tonic Water and it worked perfectly, due to the Schweppes tonic water being quite mild it seemed to have enhanced the pine flavour of this gin.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper Berries
  • Muscat Grapes
  • Mountain Pine
  • Cembra Pine
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • Cardamom​.
marconi 46 botanicals

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History of Marconi 46 Gin

Marconi 46 Gin is manufactured by Poli Distillery. Poli has been in the liqueur industry since 1898 since its foundation by the Poli family. Since then, it has been an entirely family business which is now currently taken care of and headed by Jacopo Poli along with his siblings. Their distillery is located in Schiavon, Italy and they also have a Grappa Museum that exhibits the historical evolution of distillation over the ages. They collect their quality Grappa or grape pulp from orchards and vines from the hilly areas around Bassano del Grappa to Marostica and Breganze. The raw materials are then carried to the distillery for further processing in ways depicting century-old traditions. With copper cauldrons and discontinuous distillation cycle, Poli has managed to keep their authentic, vintage touch in tack.

The wide varieties of spirits that are produced have different categorical specifications in terms of the blend. Spirits are made directly from the collected grappa although they can also be further classified into young, aged or flavoured. Their range of liqueurs also classifies into sweet, dry and Kreme, each having a number of spirits in their own category. Poli produces fruit brandies, wine brandies, grape brandies and gin, known as Marconi 46 Gin.

The Marconi 46 Gin is a result of years of artisanal practice and traditional approach to spirit making. The Marconi 46 is the product of artisanal distillation of juniper berries, mountain pine, mint, cembra pine, muscat grape, cardamom and coriander. Jacopo Poli himself makes this gin by using his own vacuum bain-marie pot and a distillation process so rustic that it retains all the flavours and aromas of its raw materials without any discrepancy. With a silky and elegant taste and an identifiable aroma which together gives a retro nasal experience.


The bottle has a smoked out glass exterior that tappers upwards into a narrow neck. On the body are embossed the brand name, the foundation year and the name of the gin along with its alcohol content, etc.

The top packaging is a swing-top one which gives a bottle a more traditional touch. Regular capped bottles are very common and do not stand out as a piece that should be admired. Marconi 46 Gin, however, is very elegant and with its swing top, helps to hold in the flavour of the gin much longer. The long and narrow neck is convenient for a fine and measured pour that limits spilling. Overall, the gin along with the design of it bottle makes for an amazing buy.

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