Pink 47 Gin Review

pink 47 gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Juniper & Citrus

Pink 47 is a premium London Dry Gin that looks unusual when compared to other London Dry Gin's as the striking diamond bottle design looks similar to a perfume bottle. Pink 47 has won numerous international trophies for tasting great, throughout this Pink 47 Gin review we let you know if this is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Pink 47 Gin price on Amazon UK!

pink 47 gin

Nose ??

On the nose the juniper and citrus are quite pronounced accompanied by herbal notes


The palate is quite smooth and sweet where you will receive a punch of juniper on the first sip

Finish ?

Clean dry finish where spicy elements of the cubeb peppers are present

Tasting Notes

🤑 4.2/5 - Awesome Value!

For the price you're paying for this gin it's really great value for money if you enjoy a strong juniper led gin. The mix of the citrus peel and coriander botanicals create an oily like texture that rounds off the taste quite nicely as the earthy texture blends well with the spicy finish.

Overall this gin is very refreshing and at the same time quite spicy, these elements make the gin quite versatile in cocktails as the 47% alcohol percentage and citrus notes produce a short and intense taste.

Gin and Tonic

Our personal preference was to drink the gin over ice as it produced a crisp and refreshing taste.

We found Pink 47 to excel in a G&T as the spicy flavours become smoothened out by the sweetness of the gin creating a fruity summer drink. 

We recommend to garnish Pink 47 with raspberries, strawberries or a zest of lemon to add an extra punch to the citrus flavours.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Angelica root, coriander, orange peel, orris root, liquorice root, nutmeg, juniper berries, cubeb, lemon peel and cassia bark.

pink 47 botanicals

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History of Pink 47

Pink 47 is believed to have been created by a member of the Royal Navy in the early 1820s. It was built as a sweet gin, and would later have Angostura bitters added to make it more enjoyable.

The smooth gin was initially used in other ways other than as a drink for leisure, though. Dr. Johann Gottlieb Siegert, who often traveled with the Royal Navy, occasionally used Pink Gin to treat seasickness among the crewmen. Pink 47 Gin is a newer version of the original concoction which was first brought to mainland England by Royal Navy recruits in the 1870s.

Once introduced to British bars, it quickly gained popularity and was soon taken up by Britain’s more exceptional establishments. It is at this time that different bar owners began to introduce new ingredients to the original mix, and rename their final product. Pink 47 Gin which was first distilled in 2007 has different levels of Angostura bitters and this is what distinguishes it from other types of Pink Gin. 

Also, bar owners tend to add water and ice- along with other ingredients by the requirements of the customer when serving Pink 47 Gin, or different variations of the original Pink Gin. For instance, pink gin and tonic also consist of 2 shots of gin and tonic water, in addition to Angostura bitters. This unique brew, which was first used to cure navy crew members of sea-sickness, has been subjected to different adjustments throughout the last couple of centuries. In the 21st century, a unique mixture of its original components and new botanical additions has gained widespread appeal. 


Pink 47 Gin has won numerous international trophies for its quality, typically sold in small batches of diamond-shaped bottles. These bottles are handsome cut-glass models which do not break easily. Pink 47 Gin’s unique packaging adds to its aura of mystery and distinguishes it from other gins. The design of Pink 47's bottle is often referred to as the 'pink star gin' or the 'Pink 47 Diamond Gin' as the design of the bottle resembles a diamond shaped body to stand out from other gin bottles.

Pink 47 Gin is reckoned as an exclusive premium gin which is often placed in the group of White Spirits. It's unique packaging and branding adds to it's exclusivity and has seen it feted as an unusual drink in the European industry awards for alcoholic spirits

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