Audemus Pink Pepper Gin Review

pink pepper gin review

Key Gin Information

?? Country


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? Main Flavour

Pepper con & Honey

Pink Pepper Gin incorporates an unusual blend of botanicals that include pepper corn, honey and vanilla. So you're probably wondering how does a spicy creamy gin taste like? Well...let's just say your palate will be lingering for quite a while. Throughout this Pink Pepper Gin review we let you know if this gin is worth the purchase...hang is well worth the purchase. In a hurry? Check Pink Pepper Gin price on Amazon UK!

pink pepper gin

Nose ??

The gin is quite peppery where pink pepper corns and floral rose petals can be nosed


You will initially be hit with the strong spice of the pepper corn which oozes into a warming delight of sweet honey

Finish ?

A long floral finish where the spicy pepper diminshes

Tasting Notes

😜 4/5 - Spiiicy!

Although the name of the gin suggests that the flavour is centered around the pepper corn, this gin incorporates many sweet botanicals like cinnamon and vanilla.

These flavours shine mid-palate as the initial peppery taste shifts into an epic blend of floral delight where a creamy texture will leave your mouth watering for more. 

Overall this gin doesn't contain any harsh or dominating flavours, each botanical is blended nicely creating a wonderful depth and sophistication on the palate. This is a gin we recommend as a perfect gift for any gin lover!

Gin and Tonic

We tasted the pink pepper gin with Schweppes Fevertree tonic and it enhanced the gin's already sweet flavour.

The delightful honey seemed to have tasted sweeter and surprisingly the pepper corn tasted quite stronger, however not too overpowering where you would need to drink a bucket of ice.

Overall this is one of the better gins we have tasted in a G&T as the unusual blend of botanicals created an addicting floral and spicy enhancement.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper berries
  • Honey
  • Cardamom
  • Vanilla
  • Pink Pepper
  • Tonka Bean
  • Cinnamon
pink pepper botanicals

Where to purchase?

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History of Pinker Pepper Gin

Pink Pepper Gin is signature creation of Audemus Spirits, founded by Miko Aboiaf in 2013. The creation of this gin was the fruit of the efforts of Miko who used to do experiments with the fruits and spices since his early years. His passion to create liqueurs from the old recipes of his family continued all through his education and work until his age of 25 years. He started distilling since his age of 18 years. He travelled around France for 80 days and 80 nights in search of a distillery which can provide him a career and chance to learn more about creating liqueurs.

In 2013 Mika founded a company, Audemus Spirits, in Cognac, France, to make Pink Pepper Gin. Before establishing this company Miko worked for a non-profit organisation and finance company for many years. Ian Spink joined him as partner in 2014 as Director of Doing. Until now Ian has worked in hotel industry so he handled the marketing and commercial departments of the company along with the role of a taster.

Initially, Audemus Spirits was founded as a company to make uniquely made special types of made-to-order spirits for other businesses. In this line Pink Pepper Gin was designed by the duo for selling to other distillers to show the excellence of their hands and equipment.

According to Miko, the aim of establishing Audemus Spirits was to create some awesome and unique spirits. But the creation of Pink Pepper Gin was the part of their mentality to boost the vitality of spirit making industry along with working with a label of Made in France to create something contemporary on the basis of past traditions.


Unlike most gins Pink Pepper incorporates a cork as the stopper which looks very appealing when matched with a firm wide body. At the front of the bottle Audemus Spirit's logo is shown accompanied by the Pink Pepper logo, overall the bottle is quite stylish and looks super clean.

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