Reisetbauer Blue Gin Review

Reisetbauer Blue Gin Review

Key Gin Information

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Juniper & Pepper

The Reisetbauer Blue Gin is a luxurious gin that is produced only once a year between between February and May to ensure the distillation process is perfect so you receive a quality gin. However is the gin worth it's price? In this Reisetbauer Blue Gin review we let you know if this gin is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Reisetbauer Gin price on Amazon UK!

reisetbauer blue gin

Nose ??

A pepper glazed juniper where the aroma of herbal spices can be nosed


The juniper is will energize your palate with sweet and subtle honeyed spices

Finish ?

A little sweetness with a contrast of pepper gives you a long and tantalizing experience of a freshly finished gin.

Tasting Notes

😛4.2/5 - An earthy & sweet taste!

Despite having many spices and the fresh juniper berries, it never gives out overpowering taste. Instead it imparts a refreshing flavor of citrus, earthly ginger and a hint of lemongrass. It is best tasted on the rocks, although it is also an earnest base for cocktails and tonic.

The fresh juniper berries from Macedonia are complimented with the best spring water from the Alpine pasture in the North of Austria giving it its signature refreshing and long-lasting taste.

Overall this gin is masterpiece that's probably why it's only made once a year.

Gin and Tonic

Most of the gins are either very piney or aggressively floral and you won’t relish it drinking it straight so you need to mix your tonic to get a smooth experience but the Reisetbauer blue is one of its kind with rich texture, smooth and multi-layered flavor.

Juniper berries very beautifully integrate with a punch of citrusy flavor with the use of orange peels and hops making it enjoyable to be drunk straight too.

The Reisetbauer compliments tonic very well even though it does not need much.


There are 27 botanicals in this gin however it is kept a secret.​​​​

Some of the botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper Berries
  • Hops
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Orange Peel
  • Cardamom
  • Chamomile

blue gin botanicals

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History of Reisetbauer Gin

Passion can move person beyond impossibilities and that’s what Mr. Hans Reisetbauer achieved by consequently getting new and assured quality spirits to different bars and hotels all over the globe. His obsession of distilling spirits started in 1994.

He cultivated first orchards on his family farm-house in Axberg, Austria and then he distilled first Eau de Vie. His method of production is very strict and he never uses heads and tail in the process of distillation. He is inclined towards top quality fruits and he has always innovated the method of distillation which made him famous all over the World.

His constant passion for the search of new taste led him to the journey of creating Gin that would show how an ideal Gin should taste. He first created a small batch of vintage dry gin by pot still distillation method by using the softest water in the World as the quality of water used while making a masterpiece is a crucial factor. He used a specific type of wheat known as Mulan’ wheat which was sourced locally.

The first batch was marketed in 2006 where 50 diverse botanicals were used. He improved the proportions constantly leading to just 27 botanicals that perfectly complimented the main juniper berries particularly from Macedonia to get an extremely smooth and pure gin with its signature taste.


The design of the bottle is minimalistic and sleek giving rise to the importance to the taste of the gin itself. The blue color is very strategically added to show the symbolism of blue gin. The bottle itself is made of glass standardized by the Stölzle Glass Group who makes all the Reisetbauer Blue Gin bottles. It also has a synthetic topper for ease of use. The delicate patterns embossed on the bottle gives the essence of the light and delicate taste of the botanicals in the gin itself.

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