Rock Rose Gin Review

rock rose gin review

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Juniper & Berries

Rock Rose Gin is created on the north coast of Scotland by a Husband and Wife duo, they source their 18 botanicals locally from Caithness in Scotland and claim the flavour tastes wonderful as the ingredients are local and traditional. We put this claim to test throughout this Rock Rose Gin review to see if this Scottish made gin is worth your purchase. In a hurry? Check Rock Rose price on Amazon UK!

rock rose

Nose ??

A floral delight that features earthy and citrus tones which is then followed up with the rock rose


The sweet fruity flavours are mixed with the zesty citrus creating a vibrant and complex palate

Finish ?

A long fruity smooth finish

Tasting Notes

😋 4.2/5 - An excellent balance of flavours!

During the first sip of Rock Rose you will taste the subtle earthy tones, from there it is all sweet and fruity as the blaeberries and rowan berries are merged. The merged berries are accompanied by the crisp citrus and piney juniper producing a floral warming taste that is deep and complex in flavour.

This floral taste is well balanced by the somewhat sour juniper and citrus notes which have surrounded the berries with a great tasting sweet fruity punch. Overall this drink is a well crafted Scottish gin that incorporates a striking balance between sweetness and fruitiness.

Gin and Tonic

We used the Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water when tasting Rock Rose in a G&T, we found this G&T to amplify and enhance the already floral and fruity gin as the tonic softened the sharpness.

The garnishes we recommend for Rock Rose in a G&T are: mint leaf, rosemary and orange peel.


Some of the botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper berries
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Sea Buckthorn
  • Rowan Berries
  • Blaeberries
  • Cardamom
  • Coriander Seeds
rose rock botanicals

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History of Rock Rose

Dunnet Bay Distillery was set up in 2014 by a couple, Martin and Claire Murray. The couple had been lured to open their own specific refinery for quite a while, having acknowledged aging and refining since their school days in Edinburgh (Martin mulled over getting ready and refining before working in the Oil business), be that as it may they just began their involvement in late 2011.

Setting up in where they grew up of Caithness – Dunnet Bay is one of Britain's most northerly region refineries. While organized in a magnificent region, the refinery's region moreover added
trouble to their work, with the transport of their up 'til now arriving a couple of months past due! As reliably however – destiny favours persistent individuals.

To make Rock Rose Gin, the couple use 18 plants and herbs, of which 5 are created locally. The name itself begins from one of the close-by botanicals they look – the "Rhodiola rosea" which
creates on the feigns of Pentland Firth. Much like juniper, rowan berries and diverse botanicals that have created in Scotland all through the many years – Rose root furthermore has its own Celtic old stories annexed to it. Over a thousand years earlier, the Vikings professedly harvested wild, displayed feigns to amass Rhodiola rosea with the prospect that it would give them the
extra quality to continue on their long strenuous outings.

They included blue berries, rowan berries, cardamom, coriander seed and verbena to the social
occasion, near to sea buckthorn. For those new to Sea Buckthorn – it is a shining leafed bramble that creates along the coastline and produces packs of lively orange berry-like common item, sensitive, succulent and rich in oils. It might seem like an astonishing natural to pick for gin as the marvellous negligible orange berries are not on various sustenance menus in light of current conditions – their scorching, tart nature is particularly merciless to taste alone. In any case, once refined, they change to compliment citrus delightfully.

With respect to gin – and Rock Rose Gin particularly – once refined, it incorporates a delicate rose smell and a blossom note to taste. Dunnet Bay Distillery is one of just a modest bunch
couple of craftsmanship distillers to similarly have a British made still, they vapor blend each one of the botanicals in a steam box at the neck of their uncommonly created John Dore and Cobeauty nicknamed Elizabeth.


Rock Rose features an elegant print of summer blooms on the botttle representing the botanicals and fruity nature of the drink. The bottle is ceramic and feels well made when holding the bottle to pour the drink. Overall, the bottle is pretty and quite subtle.

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