Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin Review

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin review

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United Kingdom

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Do you love gin and tonic (big possibility)? What about cake (mmm yes)? Guess what, Sipsmith has combined both these things into one gin! This gin basically includes that syrup drizzled liquid that comes available with most cakes, and boy does it taste good. This review highlights if the Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin is worth purchasing. In a hurry? Check Sipsmith Gin price on Amazon UK!


Nose ??

This gin aroma is just as good as it tastes; you can ea​sily nose the strong lemon in this drink and it also has the right amount of syrup to offset the apparent lemon flavour.


Zesty lemon with a hint of vanilla

Finish ?

Warming taste followed by drizzled lemon biscuts

Tasting Notes

😵4.3/5 - Cake in a Bottle!

When tasting the gin you can expect to taste a tad of Sipsmith’s London Dry gin, this mixture is versatile as it allows you to drink the gin neat or straight up.

The lemon tasted sweet but not too sweet which was excellent (I hate synthetic tasting gins). The lemon also tasted fresh where you also got hit with juniper berries which in turn tasted similar to a lemon sherbet.

When tasting the sweetness of the gin you can taste a sweet meringue lemon cake that tastes like it has been drizzled with biscuits, if anything it’s a cake in a bottle and we love it!

Gin and Tonic

This gin was also tasted with Schweppes and Fever Tree Light Tonic and it tasted great. Now normally you would think a G&T in a lemon gin wouldn't taste the best however it’s quite the opposite, the tonic smooths out the taste and would be a perfect drink for the freezing cold.

We also tested out the G&T with garnishes recommended by Sipsmith; lemon peel, blackberries and raspberries. The G&T looks great when garnished with these ingredients and overall the best fruit added had to be the raspberry as it offered a deep taste and tangier sweetness. You also have the added benefit of eating the soaked fruit once you finish your drink…YUM!


The botanicals that are featured are: 

 Lemon verbena, vanilla pods, juniper berries, Bulgarian coriander seed, Spanish ground almond and lemon peel.  

Some of these botanicals are sourced from Jared’s garden adding a deep herbal complexity.

Sipsmith Botanicals

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Sipsmith offer these recipes to go with your gin cocktails and concoctions.

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History of Sipsmith Gin

The Lemon Drizzle gin was launched after it gained popularity and raving reviews from the Sipsmith Sipping Society where exclusive members got a subscription box that contained four different gin drinks a month. Due to popular demand Sipsmith started its production of this gin to the masses in Autumn of 2016.

Interestingly in September 2016 this gin was selling like crazy and was sold out for a few days, Sipsmith arranged a deal with Marks and Spencer where they would sell the drinks for 1 year. 


Sipsmith began in 2009 when two childhood friends decided to create a gin company with the belief that drinks should be well made. Sipsmith’s distillery is one of the first copper-post based distilleries in over 180 years.

Sipsmith is a relatively small company with only 30 employees, however they have created a brand that seems to have been around for hundreds of years. The mission of the company is to bring back London Gin to the city where earned its name.

The success of the company is amazing when taking into account the company isn’t even 10 years old. Since launch the company has won numerous national and international gin awards and their products have been trending for almost the last 5 years.

Sipsmith’s full range of products are these:

  • Sloe Gin
  • London Dry Gin
  • London Cup
  • VJOP
  • Sipping Vodka
  • and recently Lemon Drizzle

All these spirits are made in small batches allowing them to create high quality gins.


For all you bottle lovers out there, the bottle design is well made and looks almost identical to Sipsmith's other gin drinks except this time it’s YELLOW!

The bottle contains an image of a bird next to a lemon and interestingly they also imprinted the bird design onto the exterior of the bottle near the cap. Overall, compared to Sipsmith’s other bottle designs this one in particular doesn’t really stand out, however it still looks pretty good.

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