The King of Soho Gin Review

the king of soho gin review

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Ever tasted the spirit of London? King of Soho gin embodies the bold and rich culture of London and presents to you the taste of London in a bottle. Any visit to London is incomplete without the taste of King of Soho Gin. You can feel the authentic taste of London Dry gin and make your perfect collection, within this King of Soho Gin review we let you know if this drink is worth purchasing..In a hurry? Check King of Soho Gin price on Amazon UK!

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Nose ??

On the nose it has a delicate citrus aroma which is trumped up by soft spices


The palate of the gin has a strong and brilliant citrus taste, with hints of the grapefruit peel. This gives the gin a unique sweet taste. Added spices over the sides give it an exotic taste. It has a rich and hard texture which goes through the throat with a certain level of smoothness.

Finish ?

A smooth and long finish that gives a savoring taste of the juniper and citrus botanicals.

Tasting Notes

😛 4.6/5 - A gin to taste!

It has a perfectly balanced coriander taste with sultry pine notes and gives a very nice taste. Its unique combination gives it a smooth and complex tasting gin which is extremely enjoyable to drink and give a pleasant experience.

It produces pleasant notes of grape fruit during the finish which mixes perfectly with the juniper. It's odd yet satisfying cassia bark taste comes in as a round off towards the end and gives a distinctly good taste.

Overall we found this gin to have a complex taste with a unique fruity flavor which is perfect for a cocktail mix.

Gin and Tonic

We tasted this gin in a G&T and we found that it works best in a high ball glass as the cold ice blends well with the tonic water infusing the herbal notes in the gin.

King of Soho also mixes well with garnishes that include; lemon, strawberry and other berries that you may enjoy. 


Some botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Coriander
  • Grapefruit
  • Juniper berries
  • Liquorice
  • Orange Bitter


king of soho botanicals

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History of King of Soho Gin

King of Soho Gin was developed by Howard Raymond as a tribute to his dynamic entrepreneurial father Paul Raymond who was an entertainment tycoon. Paul Raymond is affectionately called as the King of Soho by the local people and played a major role in social and cultural liberation of the people of Soho. He transformed the once hunting ground Soho into a dynamic center for art, music and culture and played a humongous role in the liberation of the British society towards modernity.

The company portrays the same unsettling attitude towards the ordinary and pushes the boundary for how a gin should taste. The drink brand captures the dynamism, creative energy and the artistic youthfulness of the Soho district perfectly. It has delivered its unique taste time and again with unparalleled quality and is truly the legend of Soho.

King of Soho is the authentic London dry gin with hedonistic, iconoclastic taste and boasts the rich and creative culture of the Soho district. Its unique flavor is crafted with twelve different botanicals. Its special taste is attributed to the age old and traditional distilling methods with uncompromising eye for quality. Its handcrafted gin has a unique combination of grapefruit peel, cassia and angelica root.

his combination gives it a unique taste of citrus botanicals and grape fruit with a hint of sweetness. Its soft warm spice with tangy grape fruit taste makes it eccentric much like the legacy of Soho. The gin has an iconic design with unparalleled bold taste speaks volumes about the “anything goes” attitude and an unique “spirit of Soho” character.


The bottle has a sleek design with full of vibrant colour with great illustration. It has a man with Fox’s tail encapsulating the Soho character which embodies hedonistic fashion and the mischievous nature of Fox signifies the smart and enigmatic nature of Soho. Its design is inspiring and youthful and flaunts a mysterious character much like the taste of the gin.

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