Tiger Gin Review

Tiger Gin Review

Key Gin Information

?? Country

United Kingdom

? ABV Percentage


? Main Flavour

Zesty lemon & Liquorice root

Is it hard to find a gin that is both sweet and strong? Well....the Tiger Gin is the solution to your problems, it is known for its sweet strong taste and the floral, fruity and spicy aftertaste as well. The gin is manufactured by the Shropshire gin company and is blended out from traditional distillation methods.

This Tiger Gin review will briefly explain to you the different and detailed aspects of this beverage so you understand how the gin may taste and what botanicals it includes.In a hurry? Check Tiger Gin price on Amazon UK!

photo of the tiger gin with oranges

Nose ??

The gin has a very strong and tangy aroma, the Aroma of the gin is all dominated by the juniper with a little hint of added citrus to it.


Sweet Citrus, Juniper with Liquorice root

Finish ?

Warming, Earthy spice with a waxy lemon

Tasting Notes

🤑4.2/5 - Smoooth & Sweet!

Unlike the aroma, it has quite a satisfying taste with the tendency of making your mouth feel a little oily which is accompanied by a sweet rich texture.

The gin abundantly tastes of the liquorice and can be easily distinguished among a number of other gins. The palate has a mix taste of sweet citrus and the root earthiness, both at the same time.

The used ingredients like the cinnamon, cassia and the coriander seeds give you a little warm taste accompanying with the waxy lemon finish in it.

Overall, the gin tasted great for a drink that tastes smooth whilst maintaining the perfect balance of sweetness and strength. We recommend for you to drink this this gin in a G&T as all the botanical flavours and floral textures will become amplified. 

Gin and Tonic

When it comes to choosing the right tonic for this gin, no second thoughts should be put in for the Schweppes tonic water. This tonic will only enhance the taste of the gin and give you a more natural and home-like taste.

You can also use other tonic flavours to mix with the gin as per your mood taste and choice. All the tonic flavours will easily blend with the gin and will leave an unforgettable taste.


The botanicals that are featured are: 

Angelica, dried sweet lemon peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, cassia bark, dried sweet orange peel, cinnamon, orris, coriander and juniper. 

Two of the ingredients in the gin is also kept a secret to avoid the formation of various duplicates of the gin being made.


Tiger Gin Botanicals

Where to purchase?

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History of Tiger Gin

Tiger Gin was founded back in early 2016 by the Shropshire Gin Company. A lot of research and homework was put into the formation of this gin that in the end led to a wonderful beverage we are enjoying today.

A lot of traditional recipes was mismatched and experimented on by the founder JJ Lawrence and he got the desired wonderful results after two years of hard work. He performed the distillation task to end up getting an adviser’s help and finding a better way to achieve success in the mission.

The end results were both sweet and smooth and that was the day he founded the Tiger Gin. The gin is well blended with all the mixtures and ingredients to have the smooth and perfect finish and texture it is known for.

The tale of the formation of the Tiger Gin is quite an inspiring one and a true example of the phrase rags to riches. The beginning must have been quite tough but the determination and the never giving up spirit made it reach the height it is today.


The Tiger Gin bottle is made up of crystal clear glass giving the exact view of the inside contents. The glass bottle has a metal cap over it intended to be sealed until opened by the owner.

The appearance of the gin bottle is quite simple but yet mesmerizing and is known to be appealing to gin lovers that find it quite attractive in its own way.

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