Two Birds London Dry Gin Review

two birds gin review

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United Kingdom

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Two Birds Gin is an interesting spirit that is focused on being handcrafted as it contains local ingredients sourced right here in the UK and the bottle itself is organically hand decorated. The gin has won numerous awards where they have notably won gin of the year, however does Two Birds London Dry Gin actually taste good? Throughout this Two Birds Gin Review we let you know if this gin is worth your purchase, In a hurry? Check Two Birds Gin price on Amazon UK!

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Nose ??

Piney juniper, zesty citrus and orris root can be nosed


A very smooth and delicate palate where the piney and earthy textures are balanced by the sweet citrus.

Finish ?

A long juniper infused finish which is accompanied by hints of spices

Tasting Notes

🍹 4/5 - Clean & Crisp!

The opening taste features a smooth and creamy palate which emerges into a citrusy taste thanks to the orris root. The mid-palate taste was still delicate on the palate where the elderflower notes comes alive, the juniper is excellently balanced and maintained until the finish producing a lingering strong long London Dry finish.

Overall this gin does not produce a colourful palate or taste that is normally found in gins today, however it is definitely a clean, sharp and crisp London Dry Gin that is worth tasting.

Gin and Tonic

We tasted the Two Birds Gin with Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water and we found this gin to excel in a G&T. When tasting Two Birds in a G&T you will immediately notice that the elderflower taste has enhanced and now become the central element in the G&T.

The elderflower taste creates a mellow, sweet and fruity palate which is excellently balanced with the junipers piney flavour. Overall we found Two Birds in a G&T to be a pleasant drink that can be utilised as a summertime drink if needed!


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper berries
  • Coriander
  • Lemon 
  • Orris root
  • Secret Ingredient
boodles bonticals

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Classic G&T

History of Two Birds Gin

Even though gin has strong connections to Britain where it was popularized centuries ago, it is in Holland where in reality the spirit originated. A legend has it that the British soldiers during the Thirty Years’ war noticed the warming, calming effects that the Dutch soldiers who drank gin had. Eventually that led to the coining of the expression "Dutch Courage".

Two Bird Gin company was founded in 2012 by Mark Gamble, an electrical engineer and Lyn Taylor. That was in Market Harborough, a British countryside town in Leicestershire. Of course that establishment occurred after months of struggling to ensure the license was in place.

It was the love for great tasting gin that led to a lot of experimentation at home to be able to come up with a perfect drinking gin. Yes, they were successful and have been able to come up with a great tasting British spirits plus the multi-award winning London Dry Gin. There is also vodka and an absinthe among others.

All stages of producing the best taste involve the hands-on approach which will take more time and less quantity produced, but high quality and better taste. Two Bird Gin company remains a small scale independent producer you can trust.

The London Dry Gin contains 5 botanicals with the 4 of them being coriander, citrus,orris root and juniper. Additionally, fresh spring water sourced from nearby Charnwood Hills is used to give the gin its quality.


The bottles used by the company are all hand decorated through the use of natural organic inks. The Two Birds logo and the name and their motto as the countryside spirit are a constant feature. The tastes also remain distinct and the same. It is only the colour of the gin and the bottle design that tend to change.

Each batch, containing 100 bottles, is hand checked and tasted for the purpose of achieving perfection.

The craft gins are contained in solid bottles that have a great style, an elegant design for perfection. You will be able to have a strong grip because of the great shape of the neck and the bottle. Additionally, the bottles are transparent, stronger and durable, it is not easy for them to break hence your drink will be safe.

We love the designs of the bottle, it may appear simple but it is well-designed to be able to represent the hand-crafted gin it contains.

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