Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin Review

williams chase seville gin review

Key Gin Information

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United Kingdom

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Do you like Vodka? How about orange flavoured Vodka? Well guess what...the orange flavour in this gin is re-distilled from William Seville's Vodka line and surprisingly the gin tastes better than some of his vodka products! Throughout this Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin review we let you know if this drink is worth the purchase. In a hurry? Check Williams Seville Gin price on Amazon UK!

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Nose ??

The aroma of this gin is quite dry at the start but still bright and it is somewhat citrusy with hints of the sweet lime, lemon zest and juniper. there is also some fruity notes and some hints of the sweet Seville Peel too.


Smooth & sweet orange tones accompanied by elder-flower.

Finish ?

A lingering quick burst of orange zest  

Tasting Notes

😃 4.3/5 - An enticing & smooth taste!

The overall taste is quite similar to Williams Chase’s other Vodka drinks as this particular gin is redistilled from their Vodka line. The taste is enticing on the palate as the predominant orange flavour is blended perfectly with the juniper and elder flower botanical, the blend creates a sweet and citrusy infusion.

The finish is just as good, as the juniper and orange peel work together to produce a crisp, citrus finish that is infused with floral and spicy notes.

Overall, this gin is fruity and can work well served in the summer time or winter!

Gin and Tonic

In a G&T the bitterness of the William Chase Seville Orange Gin is somewhat covered up as the tonic produces a deep jammy and somewhat sweet flavour.

Adding tonic water seems to dilute the orange and citrus infusion, if you like a bitter taste it's best to not add that much tonic water. 


The botanicals that are featured are: 

  • Juniper berries
  • Liquorice
  • Elder-flower
  • Bitter Almonds


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History of Williams Chase Seville Orange

The William Chase Seville Orange Gin or also popularly known as the Chase Gin is one of the most elegant, balanced and extremely mouth-watering gin made to compliment citrus and apple notes.

Till the early 2000s chase family was well established as farmers and soldl the quality products from the Herefordshire farms. William chase decided to travel the world in 2002 and discovered his idea of making vodka in the USA in 2004. It took almost four years for him to bring out his first Vodka batch.

He converted his barn into a distillery and started the production after a struggle for the license. After the success of vodka, he started off with  gin and presented us a world-class flavor that is loved by all.

The process of making Vodka and gin is quite similar and hence no problem was faced by William Chase. William Chase turned his complete attention to making gin after vodka and happen to have excelled in the field after some failures.

Slowly the product gained popularity and people started to enjoy it in various parts of the world, bringing us the name it has presently.


The bottle of this gin is sleek and quite appealing, the clear glass and the orange color theme represents the citrus flavoured drink that you're about to consume. Interestingly Williams name is all over the bottle! 

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